Nikki and Blogging and Quiet Booking 

I’m Nikki. From Arkansas. With one handsome man – I have one little girl, Addie. She is the light of our life! I’ve always loved crafting (I am my mom’s “Project Girl”) and ever since I had Addie in 2013, I have been crafting like crazy. From Montessori DIY projects to quiet books and busy bags, I have wanted to share my crafting triumphs and failures with whoever wants to listen! Without further ado, I would like to share pictures of Addie’s MEGA-HUGE-ULTRA-TIME-CONSUMING quiet book. This project was an immense undertaking (still have pages in different stages of progression and a cover to finish) by both my wonderful mother and myself. Also, shoutout to all the people behind the blogs that I scoured for help during this massive undertaking and for all their amazing templates.

First up, the lion texture page.

The Quiet Book Blog is where I got the template for this page. Also, you’ll notice as you see more pages that I used several off of her site. So much talent! I can’t even. So with this page, I rounded up different yellow, red, and orange ric-racs and ribbons. The pattern is simple and I just love it! This was the first page that we completed on our journey so even though we mixed the other pages around as we went, I’m super partial to this one as being the first thing she sees when she opens her book (when it has a cover)! I feel like a texture page is just essential to every quiet book. I will say though that this is the page that Addie immediately skips over. She likes it and growls at the lion every now and then, but it’s not her favorite. It might be for the even younger than her crowd, but alas, I’m wild about animals and it’s just so pretty. The embroidered “RAWR!” was an idea from yours truly. 

I tried to put pages together that made sense together. The barn page from The Quiet Book Blog and the garden page from Whistle and Ivy go so perfectly together! I used the patterns, but I did add a couple of touches to each page that I want to point out.

The barn page is a favorite at our house. I mean, how adorable are those finger puppets?! I can’t even resist sometimes. The only thing we added to this page is the embroidered wind. Love this touch!! I used wonder under on literally every single page for stability and also because I traced templates onto it. So moral of the story: be very careful if you’re gluing pieces down and then sewing around the edges. You don’t want to glue down something that opens like the barn doors or the fence to hold in the animals.   

This is one of my favorite pages! Seriously, it’s adorable. The pattern was simple and helpful. I don’t want to call them changes, but I added features to the page that I thought would help with durability. The template calls for felt, not ribbon as the top of the veggies. I felt (ha! See what I did there?) like ribbon would hold up a little better. Also, another reason for ribbon was to connect it to the “dirt” so that the pieces couldn’t be lost. Even though this takes away from some of the challenge, I really hate losing pieces. When Addie gets a little older I might take them off, but I really like this addition. We also added the banner since the top was a little bare and we already had a sun on the barn page!

This ladybug page is ADORABLE. It’s a page from Jocelyn and Jason. Quiet book pages should have storage for any pieces that come off! This is a great example. I love that it has skills like zipping and snapping!   

 This flower page is one of my personal favorites. It’s also from Jocelyn and Jason! One thing I want to point out is that everything that comes off of the page (veggies from the garden, ladybug spots, flower petals, etc.) is double thickness of felt for durability. I love that you can move the big petals and little petals to mismatch them. And buttoning skills are great in a quiet book.

 Addie is drawn to this page from Pops and Podge. It’s one that she looks for every time she sits down with her quiet book. The fish have a paper clip in their “mouth” and the hook has a magnet. It’s definitely one that I can see her enjoying for a long time. This weaving page is super simple. It is from the blog Jocelyn and Jason. Even these don’t come completely off the page (the left edge of the blue strips and the top of the orange strips are sewn down to the page) I still doubled them so they would be thicker. My mom had the idea of adding the button to the bottom because it kind of falls apart if you don’t have it.  

 This page comes from my absolute favorite place to get patterns! Imagine Our Life has beautiful pages, mostly free templates, and they are so stinkin’ easy to follow. She’s so talented and her blog is a great resource for homeschoolers, crafters, and just anyone who likes to look at all things DIY!

The dress up page is a work in progress, but I paired it with the laundry page so that the outfits would have storage. The dress up page is from Rachel’s blog and the laundry page is from Pops and Podge. All of the clothes have a different design on their reverse. 


Addie loves this zipper page. Not sure who originally came up with this idea, but I feel like it’s super simple and it’s a great skill page for a quiet book!

Got this idea from All the Quiet Things! We added a wood floor (which looks a lot more dark brown than black in person). Great for teaching the skill tying. We just think this page is pretty for now. We like untying it though. 🙂

 The ice cream page is from Camille’s Casa and I just love the embroidery that my awesome mom added to the page! When she gets a little older, I might make “order cards” to make it a little more difficult than it is now! One of her favorite things is ice cream so it just made sense to have a page dedicated to the goodness!

This dinosaur page was super fun to make! I love the colors and the fact that it’s open-ended to an extent (kids can snap the shapes on and off in different spots on the Dino)! How fun!! This is another template from Jocelyn and Jason. Also, kind of late to note this, but you’ll notice her page is opposite of mine. That’s because when you use wonder under and a template, everything will be in reverse. That was fine with me on this page, but if you have a particular direction in mind, think it through before you trace your pattern onto wonder under! I know…seems like a DUH but I can’t tell you how many times I had to remind myself of this when I first got started!

I LOVE THIS PAGE. All I did for this page was draw up a template of the six shapes and gradually made them smaller. All of the shapes are double thickness because they come off the page. The buttons have smaller buttons underneath them to make it easier to hold down six layers of felt.

This is yet another pattern from Jocelyn and Jason! The clothes all have a different color or pattern on the reverse. In hindsight, I think I would have simplified it and made less options, but I digress, this page is adorable! Love all the accessories. She does a great job on her templates!

Almost done, I promise! This Chicka Chicka Boom Boom page is just so cute. The pattern is from the Oopsey Daisy Blog. I really like how this page can be unique just by changing out how you do the letters or the colors that you use.

 This mailbox page is SOOO MUCH FUN! Addie loves delivering notes and switching out the notes in each envelope. This is another template from Imagine Our Life

This little busy bakery is from Little Miss Stitcher. I like that you can move around the cupcake toppings. I wish I hadn’t sewn down the decorations on the cake though to allow for a little creativity on that page.

  Finally, the last page that is completely done! I am a HUMONGOUS Harry Potter fan. I used a rough texture for the wings and a soft texture for the golden snitch ball. This page is from Life with My Littles. I seriously got so much more help from this blog than just this template. She has lot of great tips and is super talented. 
Well, that does it for the quiet book pages that are completed so far. Stay tuned for busy bags, peg people, Olliblocks, a bag swap, and more coming to you when the kids are back in school!

Xo, Nikki